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Getting my website, and this blog, back into regular use was a long overdue task for me. It’s tough to maintain a purportedly serious artistic presence without a single source of info—and it’s tough to get the right information about how to build a personal website. Usually when I get to this point about anything I go to my most trusted and useful resource.

Just kidding. Except, this time, my twitter rant yielded some super helpful info from Gahlord Dewald about how to save my domain from hundreds of dollars I wasn’t willing to spend. So, now my website is back! And, unlike my previous site’s sorry excuse for a blog, I’m committed to maintaining this one!

I thought I’d start by highlighting a blog I wrote last year: the Mitchell Scholar blogs. If you followed me on social media during the 2018–19 academic year, you probably saw a lot about my incredible experiences in Cork, doing an MA in Experimental Sound Practice. I was there on support of the George Mitchell Scholarship, to which I contributed blog posts alongside my fellow scholars. They’re a great snapshot into what I was doing at the time, and you can read them here if you’d like.

Mitchell Scholar Blogs | The City & The City

Mitchell Scholar Blogs | Gestalt

Mitchell Scholar Blogs | Presence

Mitchell Scholar Blogs | Listening

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