August, 2021 || Stephanie Lamprea just crowd-funded the costs to support her forthcoming album, Quaking Aspen! The record is coming out on New Focus Recordings and will include my 2018 piece, “Flowers for Eurydice”.

Summer, 2021 || A long overdue news update! I’ve been busy running around various virtual festivals this summer; I participated in SICPP 2021 in June, where myself and a wonderful cohort of students had an intense week-and-a-half with Chaya Czernowin, Ann Cleare, and Nick Vines. It wrapped up with the Iditarod concert, which featured my solo piano piece grain vi | fogging performed by Theo Rockas.

I’m currently in the middle of the N.E.O. Festival, a week of workshops exploring creative vocal production and composition. I wrote thin places for this, an improvisatory work involving an aural score, graphic score, two extended vocal improvisers, and an improvising organist!

And in the midst of all that, Cat Gambel and I have been sharing some beautiful documentation from our April Bayou La Terre workshop!

4.16.2021 || Cat Gambel and I ran our Bayou La Terre workshop this weekend with a terrific group of participants, which included my open text piece gliogarnach.

4.17.2021 || The indomitable Duo Charango have programmed a duo take of hands, empty except as part of their Oh My Ears concert!

4.12.2021 || The percussion studio at University of Louisiana Monroe will be performing anthrophony in their upcoming studio performance!

3.24.2021 || I’ve got another album review up at The Road to Sound—this time, for the excellent Resonant Bodies retrospective compilation!

3.7.2021 || I’m currently in Mississippi with studio artist Cat Gambel as we prepare for our interdisciplinary collaboration with the La Terre Institute, exploring clay making, place, and listening!

3.5.2021 || I’ll be heading (virtually? … physically???) back to New Music on the Bayou in Monroe, Louisiana this June, where hands, empty except will receive a performance.

12.31.2020 || I was lucky to close out this weird year with the news that my piece street after street alike received an Honorable Mention in the Institute for Choral Creativity’s first annual composition contest. Whee!

12.22.2020 || Two years ago, I started working on sculpture vii for T R O M P O—which wound up being a hugely important piece. They’re releasing that recording alongside two new works by Valentin Jost and Sam Perkins on their upcoming release, TROMPO Live Sessions, out January 8, 2021!

12.8.2020 || Jamie Monck gave the premiere of hands, empty except for improvising electric guitarist and field recording, as part of his 2020-21 season freely he goes lost. You can catch this piece again in April!

11.13.2020 || Last month I gave a presentation to the Louisiana Music Teachers Association as their 2020 Commissioned Composer. The presentation was on Composition, Improvisation, and Listening, and ended with the premiere of my new work for solo double bass, glanced full of muted colors. You can watch the premiere recording here, performed by and written for Will Yager!

9.22.2020 || In 2017, my choral work The Garden won the San Francisco Choral Artist’s New Voices Project, and marked one of my first professional performances. SFCA were kind enough to feature me on their site and gave me a great write-up on my goings-on since then.

9.20.2020 || Jamie Monck gave a great premiere of my new electric guitar miniature, grain v | tick, as part of his preview concert for his virtual concert season. You can watch a full recording of the piece here.

9.19.2020 || My graphic score work anthrophony was performed virtually at New Music on the Bayou’s 2020 festival—you can find the concert recording here!

7.14.2020 || I had two more album reviews published today! I did a write-up of Amanda Gookin’s Forward Music Project 1.0 over at i care if you listen, and I also had my first major-platform piece published—a review of CrashLands, the 20th anniversary album by Crash Ensemble, published by RTÉ Culture.

7.3.2020 || I’ve just released my first album, a collection of voice + electronics improvisations entitled Touch Currents—available now on Bandcamp.

6.18.2020 || I’m currently working on a number of projects, including pieces for Will Yager and Jamie Monck (electric guitar)!

5.1.2020 || anthrophony was selected for New Music on the Bayou 2020! Their virtual edition of the annual festival will be streamed near the end of the summer.

4.24.2020 || I’ve completed my portfolio thesis for my MA in Experimental Sound Practice, which included Goblin Market, sculpture vii, anthrophony, and a set of voice improvisations I recorded using a new max/MSP processing patch!

2.20.2020 || Sound American 23 is out, including my article with inti figgis-vizueta where we chat about listening and institutions, our thoughts about the sounds we’re making, and each other’s music.

1.25.2020 || I f i n a l l y uploaded audio for a cool project I did last spring: an aural score! Nohoval is a fixed tape piece meant to be accompanied by a free improviser. Check out trumpeter Glen Whitehead’s brilliant take here.