7.14.2020 || I had two more album reviews published today! I did a write-up of Amanda Gookin’s Forward Music Project 1.0 over at i care if you listen, and I also had my first major-platform piece published—a review of CrashLands, the 20th anniversary album by Crash Ensemble, published by RTÉ Culture!

7.3.2020 || I’ve just released my first album, a collection of voice + electronics improvisations entitled Touch Currents—available now on Bandcamp!

6.18.2020 || I’m currently working on a number of projects, including pieces for Emily Earl (violin), Will Yager (double bass), Derek Frank (percussion), Jamie Monck (electric guitar), and Apply Triangle!

5.1.2020 || anthrophony was selected for New Music on the Bayou 2020! Their virtual edition of the annual festival will be streamed near the end of the summer.

4.24.2020 || I’ve completed my portfolio thesis for my MA in Experimental Sound Practice, which included Goblin Market, sculpture vii, anthrophony, and a set of voice improvisations I recorded using a new max/MSP processing patch!

2.20.2020 || Sound American 23 is out, including my article with inti figgis-vizueta where we chat about listening and institutions, our thoughts about the sounds we’re making, and each other’s music.

1.25.2020 || I f i n a l l y uploaded audio for a cool project I did last spring: an aural score! Nohoval is a fixed tape piece meant to be accompanied by a free improviser. Check out trumpeter Glen Whitehead’s brilliant take here.